On The Ground Report From The Second Amendment Sanctuary Meeting In Yavapai County, Arizona

Most of the massive crowd traveled hundreds of miles, but the majority of them couldn't fit in the building.

Published Friday, January 3, 2020 9:30 pm
Gun Rights Watch article by Gun Rights Watch - Chief Editor

The massive crowd supporting a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution outside the Yavapai County Courthouse in Prescott, Arizona

In Yavapai County, Arizona, hundreds of citizens drove for hours and showed up to the Yavapai County Courthouse in Prescott, Arizona to get a chance to speak or just sit in on the hearing for the County to Become a Second Amendment Sanctuary. Gun Rights Watch's citizen reporter Drake Mitchell was on the scene and gave us this statement:

The place is Prescott, Arizona in 30 degree temperatures on 2nd of January 2020 at approximately 0845 as I picked up the last of the "request to speak" RTS forms from the people assembled outside. That's me at the bottom of the picture in the brown and black striped sweater. The Board of Supervisors ran out of Request to speak forms and we had to continually go back for a 10 to 15 at a time that they would print up. Then we would pass out and pick up the RTS forms.

Since 0805 it was a standing room only crowd in the Board of Supervisors meeting room. By 0815 the lobby was full with shoulder to shoulder people and the crowd had started to go around the building. By approximately 0845 when this picture was taken I was told the County had opened another room that filled up immediately. The line of people outdoors went past the building by 20 yards.

Many of the folks you see in the picture never got into the building. Yet they stood out in the cold, watching the hearing on their phones as it was simulcast. Many stayed outside for over two hours until enough people who had already spoken had left. Most of the self identified antirights, anti-constitution, pro-Red Flag and Gun Confiscation crowd left immediately after hearing their organizers speak.Those people who left made room for believers in Liberty and the Bill of Rights to get inside to speak.

It was a heart warming experience. My thanks to John, Rose and Myrna for the motivation and energy to get this 2ASCCM started and to Sheriff Richard Mack of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association and the Arizona Citizens Defense League for their support of this grass roots effort to help get out the word about the event. I would also like to thank the folks who came out at zero dark thirty to stand in the cold to support our rights and have their voices heard. It's rural Arizona and some folks drove for hours to get into Prescott.

With the overwhelmingly strong showing of support the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors tabled their original idea for a proclamation. Our hopes is that it will either come back with a resolution with some protections and actions to protect against Governor Ducey's Red Flag Laws or an ordinance that would criminalize the enforcement of an illegal, state or Federal laws that violate the U.S. Constitution, Arizona Constitution or violate the citizens right to Due Process under the law.

Please let the Yavapai Board of Supervisors know your opinion and watch the podcast of the meeting that should appear on the Yavapai County Board of supervisors website soon. Contact Yavapai county for help if you have trouble finding the video of the meeting.

Now please forward this to your email list. Gather a group of people who wish to support the constitution and start your own 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City and County movement! Need help? Contact Drake Mitchell at 928-451-1697

In Liberty,

Drake Mitchell

See a brief video of the crowd at this link.

The temporary resolution that was contemplated while the Commission decided on what to do further was derided by Second Amendment Sanctuary supporters as "toothless" and contained none of the protective language that was desired. We're already hearing that attempts will be made to get the county's commissioners to consider their position and pass a bonafide Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution after all.

More than 100 speakers voiced their opinions at Thursday’s meeting, many of whom stated that the current declaration was not worded strongly enough. The board then closed public comments and began discussing it amongst themselves. The Board Supervisor, Mary Mallory, then presented a motion to table the proclamation, stating, "These people speak America and I cannot ignore America," at which the audience members cheered energetically and applauded her words. Board Supervisor Thomas Thurman seconded the motion immediately.

After making the decision to table the current proclamation, Craig Brown, Board Chairman stated they would revisit the proclamation and work on rewording it in a more effective and clear manner. He added that they would  take into consideration all the speakers at today’s meeting and sais they would "get this into the papers, direct the lawyers to look at the paperwork."

The crowd appeared to meet this decision with approval and the meeting was adjourned to a final round of applause by the community.

Special thanks to Drake Mitchell for putting this report together and getting it to us so quickly.