A Full Tennessee Map Of Second Amendment Sanctuaries Starts To Take Shape

Movements towards denying unconstitutional firearm laws are spreading from corner to corner.

Published Wednesday, January 1, 2020 7:00 pm
Gun Rights Watch article by Gun Rights Watch - Chief Editor

Tennessee Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties Map

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Chief Editor's Note:
Tennessee's Second Amendment Sanctuary movement is now in full swing, albeit more slowly than in states facing greater current threats. We'll keep editing this story throughout the days, weeks, and months to come. Please check back again for additional or updated information.

Largely unnoticed by any mainstream media, Tennessee has been passing Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties one by one over the past several months. Upon closer examination, GRW has now identified movements in at least 35 counties.

The movement began in April of this year when Polk County became the first to declare itself a sanctuary for gun rights. Quietly, other county boards in the area took notice and started asking questions. The movement began and ramped up further as the noticed that nearby Kentucky and Virginia had adopted the craze for themselves. Tennessee now has sixteen bonafide Second Amendment Sanctuary counties, with what appears to be many more on the way.

Originally, Tennesseeans faced the threat of Red Flag laws, which should be more than enough to cause any state to start taking drastic measures. As that threat eventually went away, many citizens of The Volunteer State realized that their firearm rights were not as safe as they had thought, and as a result, many new gun rights organizations and groups now exist that previously had not. 

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Here's the list and what we know so far:

Municipalities That Passed a Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution:

  1. Polk County - passed resolution on 4/18/2019
  2. Blount County - passed resolution on 5/18/2019
  3. Monroe County - passed resolution on 5/28/2019
  4. Loudon County - passed resolution on 6/3/2019
  5. Roane County - passed resolution on 6/10/2019
  6. Carter County - passed resolution on 6/17/2019
  7. Town of Dandridge - passed resolution on 10/8/2019
  8. Jefferson County - passed resolution on 10/21/2019
  9. Sevier County - passed resolution on 10/21/2019
  10. Hamblen County - passed resolution on 11/21/2019
  11. Sullivan County - passed resolution on 11/21/2019
  12. Cocke County - passed resolution on 12/16/2019
  13. Claiborne County - passed resolution on 12/16/2019
  14. Unicoi County - passed resolution on 12/16/2019

Municipalities That Passed A More Generic Second Amendment Resolution:
(light green)

Municipalities That Passed a Second Amendment Resolution Without The Word Sanctuary:

Municipalities That Passed Older Second Amendment Preservation Ordinances:
(light green)

  • Dyer County - passed ordinance in 2013
  • Madison County - passed ordinance in 2013
  • Fayette County - passed ordinance in 2013

Municipalities Having a Hearing or Confirmed To Be Voting Soon:

  • Johnson County - meeting or voting on 1/13/2020
  • Grainger County - meeting or voting on 1/13/2020
  • Hawkins County - meeting or voting on 1/27/2020
  • City of Dunlap - first meeting was 12/19/2019; vote could be 1/22/2020

Other Counties Or Cities That Have Efforts To Get A Hearing Or Vote Soon:

  • Washington County
  • Union County
  • Knox County
  • Scott County
  • Morgan County
  • Cumberland County
  • Jackson County
  • Sequatchie County
  • Grundy County
  • Franklin County
  • Cannon County
  • Trousdale County
  • Wilson County
  • Rutherford County
  • Bedford County
  • Henderson County

Special thanks to Tennessee patriot Kimberly Clemens for her hard work in acquiring some of this information; also, thanks again to longtime GRW contributor Jeff Wittenborn for his help.