New Evidence Of Possible FOID Fraud By The State Of Illinois Surfaces

Some FOID card holders are facing revocation when evidence strongly suggests they did nothing wrong.

Published Monday, December 30, 2019
Gun Rights Watch article by Sigiloso1776

You mean Illinois is corrupt? Say it ain't so!

Our friends at Mom-At-Arms uncovered this story through a contact of theirs detailing corruption in the Illinois government and alleging mishandling of Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) renewal requests, as well as the mishandling of fees collected being used for unintended purposes. 

Many in Illinois know that the Illinois Sheriffs are being conscripted to go door to door whenever they get a notice that a gun owner's FOID card has been revoked or expired to retrieve the card and potentially, their firearms.

What they may not know is that the fees collected from the FOID and CCL systems seem to be routinely stolen, as lawmakers appear to be diverting that money intended for them to other programs. The Mom-At-Arms blog discovered what they say is proof earlier this month that that money was being secretly funneled in other directions. Follow their link to learn more.

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The Jasper County Sheriff spills the beans on further abuses, as the ISP is apparently meddling with the FOID process.

Sometime last week, a deputy with the Jasper County Sheriffs Office visited a home in Jasper County to deliver the unsettling news that FOID card belonging to the woman that lived there had been revoked or not renewed and that he was there to collect it and to ensure that she no longer had firearms in her possession. She was not home, but the man who was there complied as best he could. Later, he went to Facebook and made this post, which has now gone viral:

Richard Gerth's viral facebook post from jasper County, Illinois

The worst part about this? Jasper is a dark green Second Amendment Sanctuary County, with comments by the State's Attorney proclaiming that he wouldn't prosecute anyone for violations of the state's new extreme gun control laws, as well as having been one of the first 15 Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties anywhere in the country. Gun Rights Watch first reported that they had passed a resolution way back on July 27th, 2018.

The Jasper County Sheriff then relayed his experiences with the Illinois State Police's department that handles FOID requests outlined the fraud that he saw in an open letter written to warn all Jasper County residents. You can read that at the link below.

The Mom-At-Arms blog passed this story on to us, and it's worth noting the insidious manner in which the state government has shanghaied Sheriff's Offices throughout Illinois into servitude. This is exactly the sort of chicanery that is being discussed in Virginia, and exactly the sort of nefarious activity that American gun owners everywhere need to be wary of.

Read the rest of the story at the Mom-At-Arms blog.