Texas Adds Six More Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties

With many more to come, Lone Star 2A sanctuaries now number over Thirty.

Published Monday, December 9, 2019 11:00 pm
Gun Rights Watch article by Gun Rights Watch - Chief Editor

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Possibly inspired by Virginia's fast progress in protecting its Second Amendment rights and seeing the buzz generated by it, Texas appears to upping its game in declaring resolutions from the slow pace it was showing during the summer.

A bright green rash has broken out in Texas' political landscape, with the rapid addition of 22 new Second Amendment Sanctuary counties since we last checked in exactly one month ago. A wave of renewed fervor in declaring support for the original meaning of "...shall not be infringed," has seen Texas counties declaring their insistence that no matter what happens in Austin, most people here refuse to go defenseless.

Is it a coincidence that Texas' sudden burst of activity follows what's happening in Virginia? We certainly don't think so. Just as Illinois begat Colorado, New Mexico, and Virginia, we now see Old Dominion beget the Lone Star State. With Virginia now threatened by gun control, Texans see the writing on the wall — and the ever-increasing influx of blue voters from other places, causing patriots to worry that their own way of life may also become precarious.

The ripple that began in Hudspeth earlier this year now approaches tsunami status, with county after county taking steps to protect the right to defend its citizens.

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A list of Second Amendment Sanctuary counties in Texas follows:

  1. Hudspeth County
  2. Presidio County
  3. Mitchell County
  4. Nolan County
  5. Edwards County
  6. Throckmorton County
  7. Young County
  8. Stephens County
  9. Palo Pinto County
  10. Parker County
  11. Callahan County
  12. Eastland County
  13. Erath County
  14. Hood County
  15. Fannin County
  16. Collin County
  17. Kaufman County
  18. Ellis County
  19. Wood County
  20. Upshur County
  21. Smith County
  22. Cherokee County
  23. Montgomery County
  24. Waller County
  25. Navarro County - became a Second Amendment Sanctuary county today, December 9th.
  26. Brown County - became a Second Amendment Sanctuary county today, December 9th.
  27. Coleman County - became a Second Amendment Sanctuary county today, December 9th.
  28. McCulloch County - became a Second Amendment Sanctuary county today, December 9th.
  29. Titus County - became a Second Amendment Sanctuary county today, December 9th.
  30. Walker County - became a Second Amendment Sanctuary county today, December 9th.

In addition, two towns have also adopted these resolutions:

  1. Town of Big Spring
  2. Town of Chester

At least two more counties have Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions in the works:

  • Hunt County
  • Jackson County

And, another four that we know of have attempts underway to pass resolutions:

  • Reeves County
  • Jeff Davis County
  • Llano County
  • Anderson County
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Over time, we'll add more information to this list. We suspect that the movement is growing too fast to continue to post copies of the resolutions themselves and we'll have all we can do to simply fill in dates correctly.
Please be sure to check back every so often as we continue with updates over the coming weeks and months.

Special thanks to those of you who send in tips about counties — every little bit helps!