The Illinois Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties Movement, Animated

Watch every county change happen, one by one in this new animation.

Published Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

While there are still numerous county-level Second Amendment Sanctuary and other resolutions going on around Illinois, we've been asked repeatedly to show an animation of each county change as it happened. This is for those of you that requested it. This is a just-for-fun exercise to pass time while we finish up several other projects all going on at the same time.

A Few Notes:

  • The map starts with Iroquis county's resolution, as without it there would likely have been no Effingham resolution... at least not right away, that is.
  • There were no orange counties in the beginning, as we didn't decide that counties without a vote planned but with a movement underway could be important until later on.
  • You'll see the content on the left change every so often. At several points, we've changed our minds about what content should go there. It's mostly been new text that was added, but a few things were added, then later removed.
  • Not every county is announced exactly on the date it happened, and a few are way off. This happened especially in small counties where no one got the word out about the change until months later.
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Special thanks need to go out to a slew of people who helped make these maps possible. Among them are Effingham County Board Vice Chairman David Campbell, Iroquois County Board Member Chad McGinnis, Former US Congressional Nominee Rosanna Pulido, Lt. Col. Dane Harrel, Chris Prevett, Derrick Fletcher, Jeff Wittenborn, Collin Cliburn, Hardin County Chairman Michael Burton, Jason Goddard, Rawn Hart, Bill Mays, Brian Blythe, JP McLaughlin, Kyle Steckel, Kory Trummer, Reid Henrichs, Glenn Kotkiewicz, Jason Born, Joseph Hulsey, Trey Rahn, James Nelson, Wes Cox, Josh Hilliard, John Goddard, Rob Morr, Paul A Smith, Dan O'Connor, Ray Shaw, Jeremiah Houston, Justin McCallister, Shirley Johnson, Zach Oltmanns, Brad Knolhoff, Ryan Hinkamper, Ryan Scritchlow, Jacquline Caputo, Karla Pohl, Cathy Butler, Tiffany Livingston, and the many nameless keyboard warriors of Illinois Carry, the Illinois State Rifle Association, Illinois Gun Owners Together, Gun Rights 4 Illinois, and probably dozens more that we've forgotten to list.