Bureau County IL Passes 2A Resolution, Crawford County Won't Prosecute

The addition of Bureau County connects east and west and effectively splits the state at I-80.

Published Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

Illinois Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties

Bureau County

Bureau County surprised us tonight with news that they had passed a sanctuary resolution, joining the massive field of green on our map. We also heard that the Crawford County states attorney has declared that he will join with the others to not prosecute unconstitutional gun laws. This makes Bureau the 65th such county along with two full townships and two smaller towns, splitting the state neatly across the north at right about the I-80 mark.

A witness to the event reported that the vote was unanimous, with all 26 board members voting in favor and numerous gun rights supporters in attendance. The full resolution is below.

June 11th, 2019 Bureau County resolution, page 1

June 11th, 2019 Bureau County resolution, page 2

While we haven't done the math yet, we're guessing that this may also mean that the Second Amendment sanctuary counties may now even encompass a full two-thirds of the state by land area and achieving a supermajority.

Crawford County

In Crawford County on May 30th, It was reported that States Attorney Matthew Hartrich publicly announced that would not break his oath to the US Constitution by prosecuting anyone for violations under SB107 that would otherwise be lawful.

He said only violations of laws that were in accordance with the US Constitution would prosecutable in the county. Hartrich made clear that the office of States Attorney comes with a responsibility to seek appropriate justice under the law, and that the position does not exist for the sole purpose of merely convicting. He explained that the position exists to protect the public across the entire state.

Hartrich went on further,

"It is unfortunate when those tasked with legislating put those of use who are responsible with enforcing laws in the position to have to analyze if the legislature is putting us in a position to violate our oaths of office. On its face, this legislation would violate the Second Amendment pursuant to U.S. Supreme Court interpretation."

Also: Grundy County Update

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In Grundy County, The Law and Justice Committee heard from three individuals last week during the public comment portion of their meeting who specifically requested that the board members vote on and pass a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution. One resident said,

"I really want to make Grundy County a sanctuary county just to help prove to the lawmakers in Chicago that their ridiculous laws aren't working here, because this is not Chicago. These laws only hurt law-abiding citizens. No criminals go to get FOID cards or [abide by] any other ridiculous law, that they only hold back the citizens. Law-abiding citizens should be able to Constitutionally Carry in my opinion, but that's [for] another day. The FOID card is unconstitutional, and I'm going to leave it at that. Let's make Grundy County a sanctuary county because we need to."

A man spoke next and mentioned that Lasalle County just had a referendum on it that passed overwhelmingly. Other comments from the group pointed out how many counties had passed their own resolutions and names of local politicians were cited as those who supported these measures. It was suggested that if the sheriff refused to arrest citizens for the new dubious offenses and that if the state's attorney refused to prosecute people for those offenses, then the county will have made a meaningful difference.

Last But Not Least: Warren County

We've just learned that Warren County's activity towards becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary County is in full swing, with a vote scheduled for the county's September meeting. Special thanks to Sean Stevens and others there for getting the ball rolling and bringing it to our attention at GRW.

Minor Map Updates

  • O'Fallon Township and Plainfield Township had their small dots replaced with large squares to better represent the physical borders of the townships in relation to the size of the county they reside in. The dots weren't doing them justice and caused these townships to appear as small towns on the map.
  • The dot legend on the middle of the left side had wording added to better represent what the dark green counties wouldn't prosecute for; In every case, it specifically references SB107, but may also include other new gun control laws as well. It should also be noted that all of the dark green counties are ones that have passed Second Amendment Sanctuary or other resolutions prior to their announcement of refusal to prosecute.

    As we always do, GRW strongly suggests to residents of those counties to find out the specifics of the refusal to prosecute in their own counties. Some variations in what they will and will not tolerate are to be expected, so please don't take unnecessary risks.

Every lawful gun owner needs to avoid running afoul of the law!