O'Fallon Township in Illinois Declares Itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary

Facing resistance from St. Clair County, they agreed it was just time to do it themselves.

Published Wednesday, June 5, 2019 11:30 pm
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

In O'Fallon Township, St. Clair County, Illinois earlier today the township board unanimously passed a Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution after becoming frustrated with the lack of action on the part of the St. Clair County Board to do the same. This action was spurred by retired Lt. Col. Dane Harrel, who spoke at the recent "Take Back Illinois" rally in Effingham and a friend of Gun Rights Watch.

He told us the story after the vote, mentioning that in April, he had sent an email to friends (one of whom was an elementary school teacher), on the O'Fallon Township Board.  In a follow-up email, he was told it would be voted on and appeared to have unanimous support from the board.

In his email, he asked his friend and township board member if he would help him take up the matter at the township level. He mentioned that he'd been in regular contact with David Campbell, the Effingham County board member who started the 2A Sanctuary County movement in Illinois and spoke at the rally he organized in Effingham in March.

He said he'd like to take this issue to the county leadership, but that the odds of succeeding were zero.  He then asked his friend if he or others on the township board would entertain discussing this issue as a township matter, noting that it was symbolic, but that it's important symbolism in today's state political climate. He wanted to take it on if the board would consider it for action.

In his follow up letter to us today, he said,

"Tonight I attended township's monthly meeting prepared to make my sales pitch and brought handouts of the 17 April Chicago Tribune article detailing the Illinois sanctuary movement, copies of your Illinois [2A Sanctuary Counties] map, and a draft resolution for the board's consideration. Much to my happy surprise, none of those were needed! The resolution was already prepared — from what I can tell it mirrors the one from Plainfield Township IL in Will County — and the board rolled right into a vote without further discussion. It passed unanimously!

O'Fallon Township has approximately 29,000 residents and is located in St. Clair County IL, approximately 20 miles East of St. Louis.  Among others, the township provides services to residents of the City of O'Fallon, the third largest city in the Metro-East Region and Southern Illinois."
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We'll update again with an official copy of the resolution as soon as we get it.