Fix The FOID Crippled; Void The FOID Thriving With Your Help

With no action on SB1966 until October, can Illinois' unconstitutional FOID even survive until then?

Published Saturday, June 1, 2019 7:00 pm
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

SB1966 in legislative hell

In the wee hours of Saturday morning after midnight, the Illinois Senate adjourned until October of this year without taking action on SB1966, the "Fix the FOID" bill. While this is a big temporary win for gun rights advocates, the efforts to rid the state of the FOID altogether are growing as the fight ahead gathers steam.

Some legal analysts are now suggesting that the Senate has seen the handwriting on the wall — that SB1966 would actually make it much more likely that a legal challenge to the FOID Act itself would be mounted, possibly resulting in the eventual striking of the FOID completely, either by the Illinois Supreme Court or by SCOTUS unilaterally outlawing it across the country.

That SB1966 is still sitting in committee does not bode well for the bill, which had the obvious but veiled purpose of making it harder to get and own a gun in the state. It would have done the following (and still might):

  • Multiplies the cost of a FOID card by a factor of 5, from $10 to $50 per renewal.
  • Halves the time that a FOID card is valid for, from 10 years to 5 years (thereby multiplying the cost by 10).
  • Mandates fingerprinting for every FOID card issued, compounding the already egregious unconstitutionality of the FOID that already exists.
  • Institutes a slew of other needless regulations that will do nothing, but will cost the state millions.

Void The FOID logoIn another development, Gun Rights Watch is now happy to announce a new mailing list for all of those wanting to either fight SB1966 or take measures to attempt to eliminate the FOID entirely.

The email address is

The contact for this list is David Campbell, the Effingham County Board Vice Chairman. Please send him an email if you'd like to be part of this effort!

Iroquois County Passes Void The FOID Resolution

Chad McGinnis, author of the first Gun Rights Resolution last year that eventually morphed into the Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution movement that swept the state in 2018 and continues this year, sent GRW this note on our Facebook page:

Iroquois County board policy committee met and approved the FOID resolution and added into the resolution that

"Iroquois county will not support the enforcement of the FOID Act and bans the use of county property, personnel and funds in support of enforcement".

This will go before the full board on June 11th at 9am.

Iroquois County is a proud supporter of our constitutional rights and will fight for our citizens against government infringement. I ask all counties sitting on the fence to join the majority of Illinois county government in protecting our citizens.

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Chad McGinnis
Iroquois County Board District 1

See our previous story about the Void The FOID movement.