Constitutional Carry Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania

But with a Democrat governor, can this bill really go anywhere?

Published Sunday, May 26, 2019
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

Following a well-publicized synagogue shooting and the City of Pittsburg's complete refusal to follow the state's preemption law by passing its own assault weapons ban, State Representative Aaron Bernstine (R-10) has introduced HB 1412, a Constitutional Carry bill. The bill was introduced on May 6th, at which time it was referred to the Judiciary Committee.

The bill still includes an option to get an optional license to carry firearms anyway, for reasons of reciprocity with other states, of which Pennsylvania has many such agreements across the country. 

The House and Senate currently enjoy Republican majorities, albeit razor-thin ones. Although the bill has gotten significant vocal support from members of both chambers, the state's legislature is so large that it's difficult to get an accurate picture of how a Constitutional Carry bill would fare. As we've seen in other purple states, the possibility of a few wayward RINOs sinking the bill is very real.

State of Constitutional Carry in The USAOur Prediction:

Pretty unlikely to ever pass. Like Michigan above, we just can't see any real likelihood of Constitutional Carry passing in a state with a Democrat governor, particularly one known to not be friendly to gun rights.

See our current State of Constitutional Carry map, here.