Two More Illinois Counties Pass Second Amendment Resolutions

Piatt and Wabash stand up for their rights, making our map even greener

Published Wednesday, April 17, 2019 11:00 pm
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

GRW got a nice surprise the other night when we were told by someone in the know in Piatt County that they had passed a resolution in 2012, so there was no need to pass one now. In Wabash County, board members convened to pass their own gun rights resolution unanimously.

Piatt County

Sheriff David Hunt in Piatt told a friend of his who reads our site that in 2012, they passed a Second Amendment resolution saying nearly the same things that the current round of resolutions all say — that the county was alarmed by the needless infringements on gun rights coming out of the capitol in Springfield, and that the county wouldn't stand for it or support it any longer.

That being the case, he seemed to suggest that there was no good reason to pass another new resolution now. A search is underway to find copies of that resolution and scan it to send to us. When we get our hands on it, we'll post it here for anyone to read.

Special thanks to our good buddy Kory Trummer in Piatt County for letting us know about the resolution and acting as a go-between to get more info on it.

Wabash County

The powers that be in Mount Carmel, the county seat in Wabash County, voted Monday unanimously to pass a Second Amendment resolution identical to many that have already passed in the state.

Like all the others, a copy of the resolution will be sent to the Illinois General Assembly to view. This makes it the 64th County in the state to pass a Second Amendment resolution.

Special thanks to the Illinois Carry spokesperson who announced the vote and made these copies available.

Dark Green Counties

Borrowing a practice first used by the folks over at Illinois Carry, we've decided to color in dark green any county where the State's Attorney there has vowed not to prosecute anyone for failing to follow the latest round of gun control laws being passed by the state legislature.

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As always, we advise our readers to exercise caution since one person's interpretation of an unconstitutional law could vary from what the State's Attorney in the county sees as an unconstitutional law. We advise picking up the phone and having a conversation with yours if you live in a dark green county.

GRW was founded with one of its purposes being to help keep people aware of what the laws actually are and which ones they needed to be wary of. Exercise gun safety at all times, but also always exercise good gun law knowledge in your area.