South Carolina's Constitutional Carry Bill Is Now Dead For 2019

Is a team of RINOs in the Palmetto State legislature determined to never let permitless carry pass?

Published Sunday, April 14, 2019 9:35 am
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

With both the House Judiciary Committee and Senate Judiciary Committees stonewalling any movement on Constitutional Carry in South Carolina, House Bill 3999 and Senate Bill 139 are now officially dead after missing their window to either move forward or expire. The blocks seem to be caused by RINOs using flimsy excuses to prevent full votes on either measure.

The story began when we first reported that a spat between lawmakers was preventing the bill from moving forward in the House, but another scenario playing out in the Senate is likewise stopping the bill in its tracks there.

It began when the Freedom Action Network of South Carolina made a post on their Facebook page asking supporters to demand that House Judiciary Chairman Progressive Peter McCoy move the legislation forward. A commenter unknown to the group asked if he should be shot, which was seen by somebody who brought it to the attention of the police and Senator Stephen Goldfinch, chairman of the committee overseeing the bill at that time.

The Freedom Action of South Carolina group responded quickly by deleting the comment, but the damage had been done. President Dave Schwartz then released the following statement:

“Under no circumstance do we advocate even the hint of a threat of violence. We disagree with Peter on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens, but in no way do we wish him or his family any harm of any kind. This comment was on a Facebook advertisement from an individual who is not associated with our organization. And in fact, nobody here knows who he is. The comments were brought to our attention and we removed them.”

Goldfinch responded with the tweet above, effectively killing both bills at once since they both needed to pass for Constitutional Carry to become law.

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