Illinois 2A County Resolution And 2A Sanctuary City Resolutions Passed This Week

Henderson County and Plainfield Township in Will County each passed resolutions on Tuesday

Published Friday, April 12, 2019 12:00 pm
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

Illinois Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties Map

Successes continue this week on the Gun Rights Sanctuary County movement in Illinois, as Henderson County finally reaches an agreement after months of wrangling on the issue. Meanwhile, an unexpected development makes Plainfield Township in Will County a Second Amendment Sanctuary City.

Henderson County

Comments on Henderson County led us to believe that there was some back and forth negotiating that had to be done on the exact wording of this resolution that had to be done before it could be voted on, but in the end, the final vote was unanimous. The board seems to have taken the route of least resistance and avoided using the word sanctuary in the resolution, as many other counties have done.

Numerous other outlets (we're looking at you, Wikipedia) had erroneously listed Henderson as a Second Amendment Sanctuary County for months, but we held off until it could be verified. The unanimous vote in the County Board finally came this past Tuesday, April 9th.

By our count, this puts us at 62 out of 102 counties, finally surpassing the 60% mark.

Special thanks to Eric Robbins for this news and the resolution screenshot, below.

Henderson County Second Amendment Resolution

Plainfield Township, Will County

In Plainfield Township, Illinois, a resolution declaring the full township borders as a sanctuary for gun owners from the numerous gun control bills plaguing the freedom and security of the people lately was also passed on Tuesday.

The area has a population of over 80,000 people which includes a significant portion of Joliet, Illinois — the 4th largest city in the state.

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The measure came after Will County's Board voted on a Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution of its own. The meeting room was packed with gun rights supporters, with only 4 or 5 opponents against it.

Reports from those at the meetings state that the Judiciary Committee wouldn't release the bill to allow the full board to vote on it, so it died. The board member that presented the resolution originally was there and spoke to the crowd, clearly unhappy with the resolution being voted down by the committee.

The Plainfield Township resolution appears to have come in response to the Will County Judiciary Committee's refusal. Plainfield now becomes the third town or city to pass a Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution in Illinois.

Special thanks to Ernie Knight for sending this to us. The full resolution is below.

Plainfield Township Illinois Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution
Plainfield Township Illinois Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution, page 2