Eureka County, NV Passes 2A Resolution; Full Nevada Map

With 5 counties passing resolutions and more on the way, Nevada is going green for gun rights

Published Friday, April 5, 2019
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

Nevada Map of Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties

Rebelling against universal background checks that would turn lawful gun owners into felons, Nevada sheriffs and county boards across the state are increasingly declaring their inability and necessary refusal to back the new bill by passing Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions. Eureka County yesterday became the fifth to do so.

The bill in question is SB 143. The bill has exemptions in it for temporary transfers and transfers between family members, but there is no mechanism in place to prevent law enforcement from arresting first and questioning the details of the transfer later. The ambiguity of the bill and the opportunity for abuse is real and often understated.

For example, the bill does not allow a person to transfer a gun to an uncle — but it could be transferred to a parent who is an immediate family member of the uncle, who could then transfer it to the uncle... but would that then constitute a straw purchase? The bill is vague in this regard and many others, leading to the obvious and inevitable outcome — inconsistent and selective enforcement.

One Assemblywoman, Jill Tolles of Reno, remarked how she was worried that the measure would remove the right of concealed carry permit holders to be exempt from background checks under the current state law. SB 143 includes no specific exemption for permit holders — thereby repealing that law in a backdoor fashion without ever mentioning it in the bill.

Sheriff Jesse Watts of Eureka County announced yesterday afternoon that the Eureka County Board had deliberated and passed a resolution making Eureka a sanctuary state for gun owners against universal background checks. The resolution as passed is below:

Eureka County resolution, page 1

Eureka County resolution, page 2