Nevada And Ohio Explore The Possibility of Constitutional Carry

Measures in both legislatures hope to remove all permitting requirements

Published Sunday, March 31, 2019 2:00 pm
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

In Nevada, optimistic gun rights advocates look to do the unthinkable, despite the current controversy over their impending universal background check by passing permitless carry. Assembly Bill 437 was introduced by Republican lawmakers on March 24th but appears to not have much of a chance in the newly Democrat-controlled state legislature.

The sponsor of AB437, Jim Wheeler of Minden, freely admits it's a longshot. He explained the introduction of the bill anyway by commenting,

“It’s a constitutional bill. I want to be able to show the people of Nevada that we’re here to do their bidding and that their voices won’t be silenced. It’s time that we get back to the basics of the Constitution."

Democrat Assemblyman Steve Yeager of Las Vegas said the bill is not likely to get a hearing in the Judiciary Committee when speaking to the Reno Gazette-Journal.

The backlash over universal background checks (Senate Bill 143) that passed last month may be partly responsible for the announcement of the measure.

In Ohio, fresh off a win that saw a law modified after a clerical error that would have inadvertently outlawed AR-15's, the state's gun groups think they just might have the numbers to do the same.

HB174 was introduced this past Wednesday the 26th by Mount Lookout Representative Tom Brinkman and removes all permitting requirements, just as South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Kentucky recently did.

Ohio's current House is strongly Republican, with the Senate even more so. Despite having proposed the bill before and having it fail, proponents believe that the recent wins in other states will help push the bill along. Recent comments from Republican Governor Mike DeWine have convinced Brinkman that he also would support it.

Speaking to The Enquirer, Brinkman stated,

"We need to get our constitutional rights back. The law-abiding citizens are under attack every day."