Constitutional Carry Stalls in South Carolina Over A Pointless Feud

Infighting appears to be to blame for H.3456 not getting out of committee

Published Thursday, March 14, 2019
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

South Carolina at Gun Rights WatchTwo weeks ago, South Carolina State Representative Russell Fry and others on a House subcommittee refused to even give a bill for Constitutional Carry a vote for a hearing. This effectively blocks H.3456 for now and is reportedly being caused by a disagreement between Fry and Representative Jonathan Hill, who introduced the bill in the House. Many had thought that the impasse would be long over by now, the committee has so far not budged on the measure.

Russell Fry, who was endorsed by the NRA, is the Chief Whip of the GOP caucus and has apparently told South Carolina voters that he supports the bill, but he won’t allow a vote on it simply because he doesn’t like the sponsor of the bill.

You can't make this stuff up. South Carolinians, who right now can't even open carry a gun legally, are missing out on the chance to get Constitutional Carry simply because some entitled RINO has his underpants on too tight.

Activists in the state are asking South Carolina residents to call his office at (803) 212-6781 and demand that he put H.3456 back on the agenda so the rest of the legislature can pass it once and for all.

Open Carry Should Already Be a Right in South Carolina.

H.3456 would also remove current restrictions on the open carrying of a handgun. While it doesn't specifically legalize the activity per se, it effectively removes all prohibitions on doing so. If it passes, open carry will finally become available to all people statewide, residents and non-residents alike.