New Mexico 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties - Full Map

25 out of 33 counties declared as sanctuaries; at least another 4 sheriffs vow to not uphold the law

Published Sunday, March 3, 2019
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

 New Mexico Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties

New Mexico's HB 8 appears to be losing its bite daily, as more and more counties pass Second Amendment Sanctuary ordinances, preventing enforcement of the new universal background check bill — along with 30 of the 33 sheriffs, who have all signed an agreement with the state Sheriff's Association not to enforce the law either.

At first angered by the term, "Rogue Sheriff" that the new Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham coined to describe sheriffs who have signed the agreement, they now embrace the moniker as a badge of honor. Photos and memes have since popped up across the Internet proudly displaying the label under likenesses of the sheriffs, who have gained newfound popularity among Second Amendment supporters.

When asked why he signed it and urged his county legislature to pass their gun rights ordinance, Chaves County Sheriff Mike Herrington said,

"I take an oath to uphold the constitution, and I enforce all lawful laws that do not infringe on my constitutional rights.”

Although primarily spawned as a response to HB 8, which would require universal background checks for all firearms sales except for purchases from a few specific relatives, the ordinances and resolutions are also resistance against HR 87. That bill compels to law enforcement to confiscate guns from anyone who has an order of protection filed against them.

HR 8 was previously approved by the Senate and was approved by the full House on Tuesday, meaning it now heads to the Governor's desk. She has stated often that she will sign it, and has been conducting a campaign of tweeting threats often to the rogue sheriffs.

The last county sheriff to sign the agreement with the New Mexico Sheriffs Association was Bernalillo County Sheriff Manuel Gonzales, sheriff of the largest county by population in the state and the location of Albuquerque, the largest city in the state.

He was interviewed on NRA-TV recently, where he said,

"We don't want to see any types of laws that cause more of an issue to protect the citizen. Every sheriff will uphold the constitution and every law in the state of New Mexico, we just need an opportunity to have relevant laws that protect the citizens here."

He later stated that if the law is passed he may be forced to uphold it against his wishes.