Is There a Gun Rights Sanctuary Movement Brewing in New York?

One county and one major town have both passed resolutions; rumors are spreading of more coming

Published Friday, January 25, 2019
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

Are Gun Rights Sanctuaries coming to New York?On Tuesday, the 5-member Town Board in Grand Island, New York voted unanimously to approve a pro-Second Amendment resolution, opposing the registration of rifles and shotguns, intrusive social media investigations, unconstitutional search engine history checks and the mandatory purchase of liability insurance for prospective gun buyers and gun owners.

What's interesting to note here is that only three of the five were even Republicans. One was an independent, while the Board Supervisor himself was a Democrat — albeit a Democrat who had himself personally sponsored his own pro-Second Amendment resolution but then instead voted for the resolution brought forth by Republican Mike Madigan, another board member.

Then there's the location and lifestyle of the people of Grand Island to consider. These aren't the backwoods rural types that may seem likely to pass a resolution like this; the International border town rests upon the largest island in the Niagara River, a fast-growing vacation spot of sorts and a quick canoe paddle away from the rushing mighty falls. It's sandwiched between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, New York, so it's not in any out of the way place. It has historic buildings, hotels, and a thriving economy. It's about as real as America gets.

Most outsiders to the region probably suspect that upstate New York is just like the rest of the city of the same name, but anybody who has lived there for any length of time would likely tell you the opposite; that once you head north of about Yonkers, the demographics of the population changes drastically. Upstate New York resembles rural Pennsylvania, or possibly Wisconsin, or even Maine. Many of them have guns and hunt or go to the range for some practice every so often, just like anyplace else.

One state it might especially have some identity in common with though is Illinois, where millions of law-abiding Americans live in the shadow of one major city that continually and repeatedly tries to have its way with them, enforcing pointless, arbitrary, and overly restrictive laws upon them that aim to make to make it harder for them to comply with gun laws — when all they're really trying to do is live their lives and keep their families, communities, and businesses safe.

So, with the new round of gun control measures being announced recently by Governor Andrew Cuomo, will this be the catalyst that sets in motion a new slew of gun rights resolutions coming out of the Empire State? Things certainly appear to be heating up to that point, with the recent announcement by Wyoming County that they're taking a stand against the oppression as well. The Internet seems abuzz these days with talk of similar measures to be proposed soon by other locations throughout the state.

As in Illinois, the resolutions have no actual teeth to them and are intended right now only to send a strong message to Albany that the people are growing less tolerant of their constant bullying. In Illinois, some are now considering measures that go beyond gun rights sanctuaries and have actual power to force the state to change its ways.

So we ask again... is this also the path for the future of New York?