Still Breaking: Now IL Dems Want to See Your Social Media... or No Gun For You

Because there's nothing quite like a little extraconstitutional snooping, now is there?

Published Thursday, January 24, 2019
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

Not to stop at making virtually every firearm that makes them pee a little go away eventually, Democrats in Lincoln's Land now want to see every social media post you ever made. Ever. Anywhere, anytime. You know, just in case you offended someone once. Or, in case they decide they need to get offended by something that normal people wouldn't think twice about. Just in case, now there's HB0888.

Quietly introduced this evening, the bill seeks to force all gun owners to submit to compulsory divulsion of a list of every social media account they've ever had upon the application or re-application for an Illinois State FOID card. State Police would then be tasked with the unenviable duty of perusing thousands of posts, tweets, photos, videos, likes, and comments.

They'll want to know about every social media account you ever had... and god help you if you forgot one. Didn't remember making that MySpace page back in 2006 that you used for like one day, so it didn't go on the application? Surprise! You're now a Class 2 Felon! We have some lovely steel bracelets for you as a consolation prize!

Other Troubling Things We Noticed At A First Glance

  • That social media search the State Police now have to do? They'll charge you two bucks for the pleasure. This also works very nicely as a foot-in-the-door opportunity for the state to raise it to crazy levels later on.
  • Also about that social media search — you'll be waiting on that every single time you buy a firearm, meaning it could be quite a while before you actually get to collect said weapon. But don't worry! Now that the Democrats are intent on passing SB0107, nobody else will be buying any guns worth a damn anymore anyway — meaning you'll be first in line! Woohoo!
  • Section (d) on page 2 states: "Approvals issued by the Department of State Police for the purchase of a firearm are valid for 30 days from the date of issue," but it doesn't state that the State Police have to tell you when they finally issue the approval, making it possibly considerably less — unless they just don't like you, in which case they might just neglect to ever tell you that you're approved at all until the 30 days is up.
  • Section (f)(a)(2): Buried deeper down on page 4 the real zaniness begins. It wants you to "Submit evidence to the Department of State Police that:"
    • (iii) "He or she is not addicted to narcotics." Let's think about this one. They want you to prove that you're not addicted to drugs. The only obvious ways to do that would be with either a drug test or a blood test. While the Supreme Court held in Nat’l Treasury Employees Union v. Von Raab (489 U.S. 656, 1989) that random testing is constitutionally permissible if it serves special governmental needs, the decision was given in the context of employment with the federal government. What's important here is that they also proclaimed drug testing to be a search within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment — making this a clear 4th Amendment violation if it's for something that is already a Constitutional right.
    • (v) "He or she is not a person with an intellectual disability." How soon will it be before some left-wing judge decides that because you don't believe that man-made CO2 is the primary source of global warming that you must, therefore, have an intellectual disability?
    • (x) "(Blank)" That's right, BLANK. Seriously, Democrats? Are you trying to kill us with suspense now?