Oregon Tries to Go Full Totalitarian on Gun Control

Extreme measures are a clear attempt at ridding the state of all legal guns

Published Friday, January 18, 2019 8:30 pm
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

Senate Bill 501 being proposed in Oregon is, quite frankly, alarming. One of the strictest sweeping gun control bills ever presented anywhere in the country, it goes far beyond the state's current restrictions, which are already some of the strictest anywhere in the 50 states. It includes:

  • Beyond the current universal background check and license to carry, the law requires an additional permit just to buy one single gun each and every time a firearm is to be purchased in the state. This alone would put Oregon into top contention along with the other Big Three states of gun control: New York, New Jersey, and Hawaii.
  • It requires every gun owner to secure their firearm with a trigger or cable lock, or in a locked container at any time the firearm is not within physical reach, even temporarily. This effectively requires all gun owners to have their gun holstered or locked up the whole time that they are at home and not in bed.
  • Requires all gun owners to report any lost or stolen firearms to police within 24 hours — regardless of whether they knew the firearm was missing or not.
  • Prohibits the possession of a magazine with the capacity to hold more than five rounds of ammunition — even if no such 5-round magazines exist for the firearm, and even if the firearm is not semiautomatic.
  • Requires a background check to buy ammunition. This must be done for each and every sale. It also requires a valid special permit mentioned above in the first bullet point.
  • Restricts all ammunition purchases to 20 rounds every 30 days. This clause is written so that gifts of ammo to you or purchases out of state still count against that total. Additionally, since the special permit mentioned above is required to purchase the ammo, you'll have to go through this every 90 days just to be able to continuously buy ammo every month. Your wife and kid won't be able to purchase extra ammo for you unless they also have the permit to purchase a gun or ammo.
    The only loophole in this clause is that purchases made at a gun range and used that day at the gun range do not count against the total — but they'll, of course, be jacking up the prices to pay for the administrative costs of the registry and, well, just because they can.
  • Requires gun dealers to keep strict records of ammunition purchases, so as to not accidentally sell more than the allotted amount of ammunition to any one person. Make no mistake, this is a form of backdoor gun registration since the state will now know exactly what kind of ammunition you are buying, and when and where you buy it. They can then easily glean from this your probable type of weapon owned, and even how practiced you are with it.
  • Prohibits transfer of firearm by a gun dealer or private party until the latter of 14 days or the Department of State Police has determined that recipient is qualified to receive the firearm.
    That's right, there's no "shall-issue" in Oregon. You'll need to exhibit fealty to the gods if you want to go packing.