Texas AG Asks Judge to Force Austin City Hall to Allow Guns

The city has been defying the state law since at least 2016.

Published Saturday, January 12, 2019
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

In Austin, Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office had their lawyers this week approach a Travis County district court to ask him to require the city of Austin to allow people who enter to lawfully carry guns inside City Hall. The office then issued a press release to alert the public that the building administrators were flouting the law — making it clear that they would no longer be allowed to do so.

The main problem that Austin has is that Texas state law includes a statute that prevents municipalities from enacting their own firearm laws, otherwise known as state preemption on gun laws. In 2016, Paxton’s office sued Austin to force them to follow the law and most people probably assumed the matter was closed at that point, but apparently, Austin still hasn't gotten the message.

The  Attorney General made the statement, “The city of Austin cannot defy Texas’ licensed carry laws, or any state law enacted by the Texas Legislature, simply because it disagrees with the law or feels like ignoring it.” He then added, “I will always vigilantly protect and preserve the Second Amendment rights of Texans, and I’m hopeful the Travis County district court will uphold Texas’ open carry law passed by the people’s representatives.”