Is Kankakee County, IL the next Gun Rights Sanctuary County?

County Board Members likely to decide at their next meeting

Published Wednesday, January 9, 2019 11:00 pm
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

Most analysts familiar with the area acknowledge a "high likelihood" that the county will join the 57 others in the state that have approved some version of the now well-known Gun Rights Sanctuary County movement ongoing in Illinois. The vote almost happened at the January 8th meeting and was held up only due to procedural issues. Urging by community members prompted the action, which began in mid-2018.

Despite a minor snafu involving an announcement by the Illinois State Rifle Association that jumped the gun just slightly, the Kankakee County Board is likely to approve (or at least announce a plan for) a resolution affirming the county's forward stance on gun rights and disdain for the state's ever-restrictive gun control measures when their next board meeting happens on January 22nd.

It would at this point be unthinkable for the vote to fail, considering that 22 of the 28 board members are Republicans and rural Illinois has somewhat of a reputation for its love of firearms freedoms. With neighboring Iroquois County being the first to pass such a resolution and another 2 neighboring counties having already passed their own resolutions, some felt Kankakee was overdue to join the new but rapidly growing club. Only the proximity to Chicago gives gun rights supporters any anxiety at all.

Special thanks to David Campbell for his alertness in bringing this story to our attention.