Arkansas Legislators Prepare New Pro-Gun Bills

While Arkansas Democrats try to push red flag laws, Republicans intend to boost freedom instead.

Published Wednesday, January 9, 2019
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

Democrats in the Natural State think they can push through a red flag bill this year, but odds are way against them, as they're still heavily outnumbered by Republicans — even after the 2018 elections.

Arkansas Republicans, on the other hand, have a few pro-gun bills being prepared right now:

  • An official binding resolution to make the shotgun the official state gun of Arkansas
  • A bill to expedite the process to get a concealed carry license
  • A bill to expedite the process even further for victims of domestic abuse to get a concealed carry license
  • A reduction by half, from $100 to $50 for concealed carry license fees
  • Permanently clarifying the state's Constitutional Carry status to remove any confusion about open carry laws in the state
  • A bill allowing holders of Arkansas' exclusive Enhanced Carry Permit to carry their firearms in municipal buildings

The 2019 legislative session for Arkansas starts on Jan 14th.

The Arkansas Senate will have 9 Democrats and 26 Republicans. The House of Representatives will have 24 Democrats and 76 Republicans.