Pike County, IL Passes Gun Owner Sanctuary County Resolution

The county apparently never told anyone; this makes 43!

Published Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

Whisperings in the rumor led us to send our investigator out on the job, who was able to confirm that Pike had, in fact, passed their own resolution. A short while later, we received a copy of the official resolution. It is virtually identical to the majority of Gun Owner Sanctuary County Resolutions that we've seen so far.

Apparently, the resolution was passed back on August 27th and we're just hearing about it now. It was covered by no newspapers that we can find online, nor any news websites, social media pages, or forums. Some heroes don't wear capes, as they say.

We've also learned that the vote was unanimous, with all eight members of the board voting in favor. This is the same as what we've seen in most of the counties that have passed such a resolution so far.

The resolution itself is another that resembles closely the infamous Effingham resolution penned early this year and is a virtual clone of the one that the ISRA has on its website. Andy Borrowman, the Chairman of the Pike County Board signed it, as did Donnie Apps, the Pike County Clerk.

In addition to Pike, we've also recently learned that two counties now have votes upcoming in November (colored yellow):

  • Macon County: has a board meeting vote scheduled for November
  • Macoupin County: has a ballot initiative vote set for the general elections in November

And, another has at least 1 person working on getting a vote there as well (colored orange):

  • Richland County

From Gun Rights Watch to everyone in Pike County, welcome to the family!