Hancock County Il Becomes the Latest to Pass 2A Resolution

By a vote of 11-1 last night, the county board adopted familiar wording to pass edict

Published Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor


Word comes on down from those in the know to Gun Rights Watch (thank you, Illinois State Rifle Association!) that Hancock County, Illinois joined the expanding chorus of, "No thank you" to the state legislature's ongoing effort to curtail the firearms rights of their citizens. Our count now puts the tally at 42 counties!

In an 11-1 vote, the board passed the resolution during Tuesday Night's meeting, which was a pleasant surprise. The resolution itself was one drafted by the ISRA, or one based at least closely off of it. It resembles closely the infamous Effingham resolution penned early this year.

Additionally, Macon County now has a vote planned for a Gun Owner Sanctuary Resolution of their own coming up, so they are now marked in yellow.

The lower three-quarters of Illinois is slowly getting filled in with green, as new county resolutions trickle in week after week. We're expecting to easily pass the halfway mark by year's end.