Hawaii Appeals 9th Circuit's Ruling on Firearm Licenses

Joined by Hawaii County where Honolulu is located, the state asks the federal court to reconsider.

Published Monday, September 17, 2018
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

This is a follow up to our story, "Amazing: 9th Circuit legalizes carrying guns across the west."

Analysts predicted it would play out like this. The gungrabbers just wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to undo the high court's ruling and are now risking having this case go to the US Supreme Court. If SCOTUS agrees to hear the case, then there will be a ruling on it, and chances are pretty decent that they won't like it. The risk for them of course that they might rule in favor of the 9th's decision, making it the law across the country in every state. If that happens, we'll be seeing free citizens in unheard of numbers carrying firearms daily.

In short, The state of Hawaii and Hawaii County want the 9th Circuit of Appeals to reverse their ruling from July 24th that forces Hawaii to allow Hawaiians to carry firearms.

Hawaii law states that licenses are issued by police chiefs in each county to people who can show reason that they fear an attack on themselves or their belongings.

George Young Jr. had filed his lawsuit back in 2012 after the application he submitted for a license to open carry was turned down twice by Hawaii County's Police Chief Harry Kubojiri. Young's attorneys were successful when they pointed out that the state rarely ever issues any such licenses and had only issued a total of four within the past 18 years.

General Russell Suzuki, the Hawaii Attorney, had issued an opinion stating that all private individuals are also eligible for the licenses.