40 Gun Sanctuary Counties in Illinois?

Counties appearing to have passed pro- 2nd Amendment Resolutions reach two score

Published Monday, August 27, 2018
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

Reports continue to trickle in about specific county resolutions in Illinois pertaining to gun rights, from which they are then run through the filter of legal opinions, ranging from the professional variety to armchair analysts. Since our last update, our map has received updates on the counties listed below.

At least one new county that we know of has someone confirmed to be working on getting a vote for a resolution, so we list it as entering the planning stage (orange):
👍 Macon County - this has been in the works for some time so it was already orange, but now we're hearing that a meeting is planned for September 13th, where some in the county are trying to have a vote for a resolution that night. Support for the resolution is being requested for residents, who are being asked to call their local board members and urge support for a vote.

One new county that we know of has a ballot initiative planned for November (yellow):
👍 Montgomery County - this was already yellow because we knew a vote of some kind was coming. Last week we got word that that vote resulted in a November referendum being scheduled.

Passed a resolution declaring the county a sanctuary for gun owners or otherwise supporting the Second Amendment: (green):
👍 Williamson County - we got this one last week just after we announced our latest update. Timing couldn't have been worse, but we'll still smile at any good news!
👍 Logan County - disclaimer: this has yet to be confirmed by any officials in the county, but we feel reasonably safe in our analysis. It looks like what's happening there is both a resolution pass and a November referendum to allow the county voters to have their own say as well. If we find out later that the Logan County Board vote wasn't what we thought it was, then will change our map in the next update.

This would bring our total number of pro-2nd Amendment Resolution counties to an even 40!