The Illinois Gun Sanctuary Counties Map Grows Again

A sudden wave of pro-2nd Amendment resolutions and referendums has Illinois seeing green.

Published Thursday, August 16, 2018
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

The summer recesses seem to have come to a close, as several Illinois counties went back to the task of determining whether they wanted to join the groundswell of resolutions supporting the Second Amendment — and what those resolutions would look like. Many of the newest counties to consider resolutions are doing it through ballot initiatives, allowing the county's voters to decide the matter for themselves in November. While in at least one county this maneuver has resulted in cries of, "playing political football" with the issue, at least a half dozen or more counties are now taking this exact route.

The total number changes to report for this latest version of the map are as follows:

At least three new counties that we know of have someone confirmed to be working on getting a vote for a resolution, so we list them as entering the planning stage (orange):
👍 Fulton County
👍 Pike County
👍 Jersey County

Three new counties that we know of have ballot initiatives planned for November (yellow):
👍 Boone County
👍 LaSalle County
👍 Coles County

Passed a resolution declaring the county a sanctuary for gun owners or otherwise supporting the Second Amendment: (green):
👍 Marion County
👍 Crawford County

One county, having already passed a resolution, is nevertheless seeking additional backing from its constituents by placing the initiative on the ballot this coming November:
👍 White County
This is identical to what is happening in Christian County.

Other, textual changes to the map that may be noticed among those who have seen our previous versions:

  • Our legend now says "progress" instead of "planned" next to the dot for the orange color. The previous wording was causing confusion by some who thought it meant that a vote was planned and they didn't need to do anything, when in reality these counties are only in their early stages and could use all the help they can get in presenting a proposal for a resolution to the County Board.
  • The descriptive sentence in the lower left of the map has changed to reflect resolutions that are not expressly sanctuary county declarations, but may be of a more general support for the 2nd Amendment in nature.
  • Since this is the first version of the map to be hosted here on our website since it went live, our website address is now embedded at the top left.

This now makes for a grand total of 38 counties that have passed these gun rights resolutions.