Disciplinarians vs. Downloads: Even More States Now Suing

They're trying to get the Trump Administration to nullify the deal the State Department made.

Published Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

Democratic attorneys general from 19 states and the District of Columbia are suing the Trump administration, filing a new complaint on Friday trying to get a judge to declare it unlawful to distribute blueprints online for 3D printing of firearms. They also want the State Department to cancel the settlement agreement they made with Cody Wilson and his company Defense Distributed, allowing them to continue hosting the files online for anyone to freely download. Colorado's attorney general, a Republican, has also joined the lawsuit.

U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik issued an order blocking the plans from being downloaded until August 28th, before that, on August 21st, he arranged for a hearing to be held on the aforementioned states' request for the agreement to be canceled.

The plastic Liberator gun is obviously difficult detect in any metal detection system. The Undetectable Firearms Act passed in 1988 prohibits guns that don't contain 3.7 ounces of metal to trigger item screening machines, but plastic gun designs evaded this clause by adding a removable metal part that isn't required for the firearm to function.

Josh Blackman, Cody Wilson's lawyer, told AP on Friday that they are still considering their options, but would not say what any possible plans might include.

Gun Rights Watch would like to point out one more time that all of these plans are already online in many other places and have been for years. At least a half million known downloads have already taken place.