Texas Lt. Governor Says No to Red Flag Laws

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's resistance spells the probable end for gun violence protection orders in Texas

Published Thursday, July 26, 2018
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

Any faint hopes that any Lone Star State gungrabbers had of winning a Red Flag law for their state were probably dashed on Tuesday night, when the Lieutenant Governor was asked what he thought of the possible measure. 

"I have never supported these policies, nor has the majority of the Texas Senate," said Patrick, who as President of the Texas Senate directs its efforts. He then added that "a bill offered last session garnered little support."

He and others have pointed out that the move would be largely redundant, since Texas Law already allows for guns to be seized upon the granting of a protective order for violence or threatening, at least while the order is in place. The additional measures the gun controllers want is a 'mental health protection order' -- where presumably, a person could go to court and state, "I think this person may hurt themselves or others because of X," where X is conceivably nearly anything any conniving liberal could dream up. They'd seek out activist judges who are more than happy and eager to sign someone's rights away.

Back in May, at Governor Abbott's suggestion, he asked a special Senate Committee to look into Red Flag laws to see if they had any merit. In response, numerous gun rights activists took to the Senate floor to denounce the measure. Many had taken the opportunity to spell out the multitude of way sit could be used to not only unfairly target those who had done no wrong, but also as a disarming tool by those who would wish to do harm themselves.