Three More Illinois Counties Pass Second Amendment Resolutions

Another three now have resolution votes planned for the near future.

Published Saturday, July 21, 2018
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

Another week, another three counties pass their resolutions -- turning Illinois ever-greener.

We're aware, by the way, that the Illinois State Rifle Association lists some counties as 'in progress' that we don't, however, they also are behind on their list of counties that have passed a resolution, so we're not taking their list(s) at face value right now.
Here are the latest changes...

At least one new county that we know of has someone confirmed working on getting a vote for a resolution, so we list them as entering the planning stage (orange):
👍 Hancock County
Two new counties that we know of have ballot initiatives planned for November (yellow):
👍 Johnson County
👍 Randolph County
Passed a resolution declaring the county a sanctuary for gun owners or otherwise supporting the Second Amendment: (green):
👍 Calhoun County
👍 McDonough County
👍 Livingston County
News coverage of the Gun Sanctuary County movement is still on the upswing. The number of weekly stories coming out goes up every week, as we've now easily surpassed the one-third of the state mark, with 36 out of 102 counties, along with 2 cities. Kudos go to the innumerable people working diligently across the state to make this a reality.
Keep it up!