Relaxed Gun Laws in Nebraska Take Effect Thursday

Mental health, campus carry, and privacy laws

Published Monday, July 16, 2018 7:00 pm
Gun Rights Watch article by Grant Schulte (AP)


People who are released from mental health facilities will get the opportunity to ask a mental health board to reinstate their rights to buy a handgun or obtain a concealed-carry permit. The law requires boards to reinstate gun rights if petitioners show "clear and convincing evidence" that the restriction should be removed. The law is LB100.

Another new gun law would let university-sanctioned firearms teams possess rifles, pistols and shotguns on campus. Current law only lets them have rifles. The law is LB321.

Still another will prohibit local law enforcement from disclosing individual gun permit records to the public, a policy cheered by gun-rights advocates as a way to protect firearm owners from harassment. Open-government advocates say it's unnecessary. The law is LB902.