Breaking - Initiative 43 defeated in Oregon!

Ceasefire Oregon and other anti-gun supporters quit trying to put Initiative 43 on the ballot.

Published Monday, July 2, 2018
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

Ceasefire Oregon and other supporters of the anti-gun Initiative Petition 43 have conceded and abandoned the effort to put Initiative 43 on the ballot.

The ban would have outlawed the sale or transfer of any semi-automatic rifle or pistol with a detachable magazine that could hold more than ten rounds -- in other words, almost all semi-automatic firearms. The supporters of the initiative would have needed to collect 88,164 verified signatures by July 6th, 2018.

Gun rights advocate Roger Beyer had raised a legal challenge against Initiative Petition 43, claiming that it used the politically charged and emotionally-laden words, ‘assault weapons,' and ‘large capacity magazines.' The description was also misleading, argumentative, and deceptive, because it implied the measure applied only to a limited and belligerent group of gun owners.

A law in Oregon states that a ballot title cannot be misleading, argumentative, or deceptive. The courts were initially due to decide the case by June 30th, but while the case was going on Ceasefire Oregon and other anti-gun front groups were busy training people to persuade other citizens to sign their names on the petitions.

The anti-gun groups were not allowed to start collecting the signatures until the courts decided the case, and they were preparing to do just that. However, the Oregon Supreme Court temporarily blocked IP 43, meaning that the earliest Ceasefire Oregon would be able to collect signatures would be July 6th, 2018 -- which was the day of the deadline.

They knew they had been defeated, and gave up.