Second Amendment Resolution Counties Now Surpass A Quarter of Illinois

Now those imploring their county boards to pass resolutions are taking this map to meetings.

Published Sunday, July 1, 2018
Gun Rights Watch article by GRW Chief Editor

Another week and several more updates to the Illinois Gun Sanctuary Counties Map have taken place. Here's what we know right now.
These counties have someone working on getting a vote for a resolution, so we list them as entering the planning stages (orange):
👍 Randolph County
👍 Johnson County
Please remember that these counties listed above are just ones that have a copy of the resolution and that we have reason to believe that someone there is working on bringing it to a vote. 
Actively planning a vote soon (yellow):
👍 Bond County
👍 Stark County
👍 Williamson County
Passed a resolution declaring the county a sanctuary for gun owners: (green):
👍 Douglas County
👍 Tazewell County

We've been hearing from all corners that using these maps has become an extremely effective tool to help change the mind of county board members who might be on the fence and could well be unaware that the rest of the state is heading in this direction.
We're not trying to self-promote here. We say please use the maps, however, if you feel compelled to remove our logo or copyright in order to make a more effective case, then by all means, you have our permission to do that (so long as it doesn't get published elsewhere that way). The point is, it's much more important to have these maps be effective tools than it is that we get page visits out of it. Do what you need to do to get a resolution passed in your county!