The History of Gun Control in America

From the Sullivan Act in the early 20th Century to the Assault Weapons bans of today

Since 1911, politicians and activists have tried to pass laws restricting access to guns, thinking that this will somehow take them out of the hands of criminals.

It is the contention of this article that the majority of gun control supporters in this country are under the mistaken assumption that taking guns away from law-abiding citizens will somehow reduce crime. They seem to believe that banning guns somehow takes them out of criminals hands. In our research on the subject, we found that this is anything but the case.

The History of Gun Control in America is a lengthy one, so we have condensed it as well as we could possibly manage. We'll discuss the major incidents throughout the history of both the United States and the world that have shaped gun control over the years. In writing this novella, it became apparent just how bizarre some of these events were and stranger still occasionally was the reaction by the people and legislators — and what they thought that the proper course of action was to respond to these events.

At times, this brief history seems like a fictional tale of lawmaking gone wrong. Although it is 100% true, many readers have made comments like, "Why did they possibly think that would work?"

But relax and sip your favorite brew as you go through these pages. Some parts may anger you, but the last chapter is well worth the wait. The end is far rosier than the journey to get there, as the Twenty-First Century has seen unprecedented gun rights bloom throughout this great nation, as well as the resulting drop in crime that any country with expanding freedom inevitably enjoys.

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