About Gun Rights Watch

Watching Your Gun Rights

Gun Rights Watch is dedicated to searching out and chronicling gun law changes throughout the country, from coast to coast. Major Acts of Congress are covered such as the SHARE Act, SAGA, and the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill, as well as Executive Orders by the President, and any relevant judicial decisions.

Our Focus 

GRW only reports on real submitted bills, passed or rejected bills, court decisions, local ordinance changes, executive orders, and other legislative, judicial, or executive actions which directly impact or have the potential to impact Americans’ Second Amendment Rights. We do not clutter our pages or your inbox with needless memes, nor do we commonly post opinion pieces. On rare occasions, we will help promote another page, site, or organization that we feel is important to the cause or that our readers would have an interest in.

Gum Control
Only Photoshopped a little.

GRW was initially started in January 2014 as a parody page called Gum Control. Over time, we found ourselves running out of gum-themed jokes and started posting serious articles about gun rights. Our audience grew slowly, but a core audience of Second Amendment activists followed us as we grew. The original Gum Control page was spun off as its own entity, as its focus is entirely different than what we do here now.

In mid-2017, the name was changed and GRW took its new form as a Second Amendment civil rights outlet, now interested only in informing the masses of any gun law changes throughout the country. Our mission is to spread knowledge of these changes far and wide so that no gun owner runs afoul of new rules, so as to help prevent accidental felonies.

As we’ve grown, we’ve recently gotten several requests from groups that would like us to run this story or that story. In some cases, these stories do not have enough of a direct connection to gun rights issues and we won’t do them. In others though, the stories are of enough relevance that we would be willing to put them on our page. In these cases, please pre-write the story for us and we’ll edit it before we publish it. It isn’t just that we need to save time by having someone else do a lot of the work (we do), but it’s also because you know and understand the story better than we do and are more capable of bringing out the main points that make the story important. Then, feel free to send it our way.