Virginia Has Become An Overnight Tidal Wave Of Second Amendment Sanctuaries

The sudden flood of resolutions to protect gun owners will soon envelop most of the state.

Published Sunday, November 24, 2019 4:30 pm
Gun Rights Watch article by Gun Rights Watch - Chief Editor

Map of Virginia Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties

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Chief Editor's Note:
Virginia's Second Amendment Sanctuary movement is a fluid, fast-moving situation. This article is being published with some information intentionally missing. We'll keep editing this story throughout the days and weeks to come. Please check back again for additional or updated information.

In a series of rapidly changing developments, Virginia is undergoing wholesale rebellion by rural and even suburban counties, rejecting the oppressive gun control agenda recently revealed by the new incoming Democrat-controlled legislature. Gun owners all across Old Dominion have been up in arms since anti-gun forces took the House and Senate in the recent election and are now preparing to resist having their arms taken from them in any way possible.

Enter Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties.

The county-level defensive tactic that began originally in Oregon close to a decade ago, then popularized in Illinois, has spread to over a dozen states. It comes as no surprise that with few other options and little to lose, many communities in the state are vowing not to take part in any gun confiscation schemes or enforcement of unconstitutional laws designed to make private citizens less able to defend themselves.

The speed at which they reacted is a testament to how furious they are that their state government now wishes to infringe on their rights. An even dozen counties have passed gun owner sanctuary resolutions already, with new ones coming on a near-daily basis. Here's the list and what we know so far:

Municipalities That Passed a Resolution:

  1. Campbell County - passed resolution on 11/7/2019
  2. Charlotte County - passed resolution on 11/13/2019
  3. Carroll County - passed resolution on 11/13/2019
  4. Patrick County - passed resolution on 11/18/2019
  5. Appomattox County - passed resolution on 11/18/2019
  6. Pittsylvania County - passed resolution on 11/19/2019
  7. Lee County - passed resolution on 11/19/2019
  8. Dickenson County - passed resolution on 11/19/2019
  9. Dinwiddie County - passed resolution on 11/20/2019
  10. Giles County - passed resolution on 11/21/2019
  11. Nottoway County - passed resolution on 11/21/2019
  12. Sussex County - passed resolution on 11/21/2019
  13. King William County - passed resolution on 11/25/2019
  14. Powhatan County - passed resolution on 11/25/2019
  15. Southampton County - passed resolution on 11/25/2019
  16. Wythe County - passed resolution on 11/26/2019
  17. Madison County - passed resolution on 11/26/2019
  18. Washington County - passed resolution on 11/26/2019
  19. Henry County - passed resolution on 11/26/2019
  20. Botetourt County - passed resolution on 11/26/2019
  21. New Kent County - passed resolution on 11/27/2019
  22. Town of Rural Retreat - passed resolution on 11/27/2019
  23. Bland County - passed resolution on 11/27/2019
  24. Town of Exmore - passed resolution on December 2nd
  25. Louisa County - passed resolution on December 2nd
  26. Halifax County - passed resolution on December 2nd
  27. Buchanan County - passed resolution and ordinance on December 2nd
  28. Rappahannock County - passed resolution on December 2nd
  29. Greensville County - passed resolution on December 2nd
  30. Russell County - passed resolution on December 2nd
  31. Culpeper County - passed resolution on December 3rd
  32. Roanoke County - passed resolution on December 3rd
  33. Gloucester County - passed resolution on December 3rd
  34. Goochland County - passed resolution on December 3rd
  35. Middlesex County - passed resolution on December 3rd
  36. Page County - passed resolution on December 3rd
  37. Tazewell County - passed 2 resolutions on December 3rd
  38. City of Norton - passed resolution on December 3rd
  39. King George County - passed resolution on December 3rd
  40. Allegheny County - passed resolution on December 3rd
  41. Amherst County - passed resolution on December 3rd
  42. Orange County - passed resolution on December 3rd
  43. Scott County - passed resolution on December 4th
  44. Augusta County - passed resolution on December 4th; will join lawsuit against state.
  45. Craig County - passed resolution on December 5th
  46. Surry County - passed resolution on December 5th
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Municipalities Having a Hearing or Confirmed To Be Voting Soon:

Municipalities We Believe To Be Have A Hearing Or Voting Soon:

  • Charles City County
  • City of Suffolk - awaiting word on another meeting after December 4th
  • Albemarle County - awaiting word on another meeting after December 4th
  • City of Virginia Beach - awaiting word on another meeting after December 3rd

Other Counties Or Cities That We Believe Have Efforts To Get A Hearing Or Vote Soon:

Special thanks to the Virginia Citizens' Defense League for some of this information.
Also, special thanks go to the ever-helpful Jeff Wittenborn as well as Virginia patriot Vincent Smith.