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Candidate For Aurora IL District Rep Matt Quigley Was There At The Scene

Published Sunday, February 17, 2019

Yesterday, Gun Rights Watch spoke to Matt Quigley, candidate For Aurora, Illinois 14th District Representative, who was on scene at the shooting Friday in the aftermath right after the incident went down. He and his campaign manager Mike Alfaro spoke to neighbors and bystanders on the street to get their opinions.

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Not One Gun Control Law Would Have Stopped the Aurora, IL Shooter

Published Friday, February 15, 2019

The shooting today in Aurora, IL at a manufacturing plant that left 6 people dead including the shooter probably won't feed well into the left's narrative that universal background checks will stop mass shootings, or that mass shooters are always white guys, or that AR-15s need to go because... you know — mass shootings.

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Here's the Full List of Counties That Won't Uphold I-1639 in Washington

Published Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Sheriffs of Washington's rural counties are increasingly pledging to not enforce the new gun control bill (I-1639) that was passed in November by ballot initiative, citing it as unconstitutional. 22 out of 39 counties make up the latest count, with more expected as the court battles ramp up across the state.

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Oklahoma to Become the Next Constitutional Carry State?

Published Sunday, February 10, 2019

Having passed the Oklahoma House Public Safety Committee on Thursday morning by a 9-2 vote, House Bill 2597 now heads to the Senate Safety Committee — where Gun Rights Watch expects it to pass by a similar margin. If that happens, full votes in the OK House and Senate will follow and almost certainly pass Constitutional Carry. Will Governor Stitt sign it?

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Utah House Tells Dems on Gun Control: Don't Even Think About It

Published Friday, February 8, 2019

Seeing the handwriting on the wall from what's been happening in other states, Republicans in the Utah House took a rare move Tuesday and voted in House Joint Resolution 7 to point out to Democrats that no gun control measures had any chance at all of passing in the state anytime soon and to warn them to not even try.

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Now Illinois Anti-Gunners Go After Making Legal Firearms at Home

Published Friday, February 8, 2019

HB2253 in Illinois, just announced yesterday, seeks to make illegal the manufacture of firearms in the home or elsewhere for personal use and not predicated upon whether the firearm is intended for sale. It should be noted that this activity has long been recognized as one that is constitutionally protected by both the ATF and courts across the country. Also included is language banning 3D printed firearms.

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Arkansas Soon To Cut CCW Permit Fees in Half?

Published Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Arkansas legislature just voted to cut concealed carry permit fees in half, from $100 to $50, and license renewal fees from $50 to $25. Some in the governing body hope other states will take the cue, as crimes rates continue to fall amid growing firearm possession and freedoms. The question is, will the governor sign it?

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Missouri Seeking to Repeal Gun-Free Zones, Add Preemption & Campus Carry

Published Monday, February 4, 2019

A pair of bills in Missouri were just introduced that would repeal most of the gun-free zones in the state, by removing state-imposed legal restrictions on places where carrying a firearm is not allowed. These bills also institute state preemption of firearm laws, so that local cities and towns may not impose their own gun control laws upon the people. This includes campus carry.

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New Illinois Bill Hopes to Force Sponsors of Anti-Gun Bills to Know Facts

Published Friday, February 1, 2019

A new bill in Illinois by State Senator Neil Anderson exemplifies the fed up nature of gun owners in the state, by making it mandatory that anyone proposing new anti-gun legislation should first be trained in firearm fundamentals, as well as usage, storage, calibers and gauges, and to undergo range safety officer training.

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South Dakota Officially Becomes 13th Constitutional Carry State TODAY

Published Thursday, January 31, 2019

As of July 1st this year, a new law allowing both South Dakota residents and visitors to carry concealed handguns called Constitutional Carry will go into effect. Gov. Kristi Noem tweeted yesterday that she will sign the bill today, which had passed the House and Senate within the past few weeks.

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